About Total Horsemanship


I've been running Total Horsemanship Ltd and Total Horsemanship Natural Equipment for 9 years,  Here is some information about myself and my horses. 


I've worked and been involved with horses on and off for most of my life but didn't have my own horse until 2002. I have my BHSAI, have been involved with natural horsemanship for 12 years and have a passion for classical dressage. 


I organise horsemanship clinics in the UK for David Stuart, Mike Bridges and Buck Brannaman.


I am also a freelance horsemanship instructor and adapt my teaching to suit the needs of the individual, working with both horse and rider to develop a better partnership.


My aim is to gain a better understanding of horse behaviour and to build a solid foundation to make a good riding horse, to then be able to apply this to whatever goals you have or specialise in, such as


Understanding the horse and why they do the things they do

How to stay safe around horses

Improving your confidence and your horse’s confidence

Help to improve your riding and balance in order to improve your horse’s way of going

Advise for developing the horse’s physical capabilities from the ground and in the saddle


Through my experience with clients I developed a personal interest is saddles and saddle fitting which lead me to gain more knowledge and therefore have spent 12 months training with Lavinia Mitchell and am now an approved LM saddle fitter.