Horsehair Mecate Reins 5/8” x 22’


Martin Black’s mecate reins are 100% mane hair and have a mane hair core.

We carry 6 strand mecate reins because they are the most versatile and durable. Weight = 2.5 lbs/1.064 kgs.

Colour and design as shown in picture. Each set of Horsehair mecate reins are a different colour and design.

How to Soften a Mecate - Soak your mecate in water in a big coil with a little mild shampoo or soap (do not use conditioner), for about 20 minutes. Take it out and rinse the soap out, swing it around to get the excess water out and then lay it out in a big coil or straight to dry. It will take a full day to dry in the sun or 2-3 days if inside. You can tell when it is dry because it will be a lot softer and more flexible.

Care of your Mecate - Take care when storing your mecate and store coiled up the way the coils lie. It is advisable to untie each time you use your mecate from the bosal/hackamore and coil it up. If it gets wet, then follow instructions above.

If you take care of a look after your horsehair mecate it will last a lifetime.

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Weight 1.1 kg

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