Mike Bridges – Seeking Refinement DVD


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Mike Bridges has 56 years of experience preparing bridle horses in the California Vaquero style. Mike Bridges presents instruction on collection and position in working towards the goal for refinement.

Mike demonstrates his techniques on two different horses to show the different stages a horse may be in. He explains and demonstrates how to use different parts of your body as direct signals and as enhancing signals.

Topics covered:

  • moving individual body parts
  • collection, in a discussion with Dr Sharon Spears, Professor of Equine Medicine at the University of California
  • positive hand signals
  • pelvis and body signals
  • introducing one-hand reining
  • shoulder loading and hip placement
  • lack of communication and keeping the life up.

This DVD will get you on the right track for better communication with your horse and make the quest for refinement easier.

Duration 1 hr 48 minutes.

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