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Lead Rope Tie on

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This lead rope ties onto the halter making it lighter than the ropes with the swivel snaps for more refined communication and an alternative to the loop attachment.  The rope is made from high quality Tuff Tack 12mm diameter yachting braid on braid rope that is smooth and resistant to sweat and has a leather popper on the opposite end. Use with natural Rope Halter.

Available in 9ft / 10ft / 12ft / 13ft / 15ft / 22ft as standard sizes.  If you would like a different/bespoke length please message for more information.

Colour: Black
Black Tan Zig Zag
Brown Tan Zig Zag
Blue Tan Zig Zag
Black Purple Tan
Black Green Tan
Red Black Tan
Green Black Tan
Blue Black Tan
Purple Black
Black Purple
Red Black Stripe
Length: 9 ft

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