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Telescopic/Extendable Horseman's Pocket Flag

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The telescopic extendable/retractable horse training stick and flag has been used for years by horsemanship trainers.

The telescopic flag collapses down to 10" and extends to 4ft. It's lightweight and fits neatly into a back pocket. The handle is a spongy grip and is green and black  The flag material is composed of a poly coated, rip-stop nylon and measures 18" x 20” and is reinforced with a brass eyelet where it attaches to the flag shaft. The flag material comes in a variety of colours.

The shaft  can be extended so it is long enough to expose your horse to the movement and feel of the flag from a safe distance.  Individual item weight is 67g making it lightweight and easy to handle.

The flag is also good to use around the horse to help build their confidence with movement. It is best to start off by rubbing the horse as you would with your hand (think of the flag as an extension of your arm). Start at the shoulder and work up to where you can rub with the flag all over at a stand still.  Some horses will prefer to move their feet to begin with, this is absolutely fine, if you can be in control of where the feet move - try not to let the horse trot, start at a walk.  You may have to start with moving the flag around away from the horse and adopting approach/retreat.  If you need help then we advise to contact a clinician in your area. 

Color: Black

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