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Melanie Smith Taylor - Riding with Life Book

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Melanie Smith Taylor and Jamie Caton - Riding with Life

In this comprehensive training guide, renowned horsewoman and Olympic gold medallist Melanie Smith Taylor shares her unique programme for setting horse and rider up for success.

Blending her in depth knowledge of groundwork and flatwork with her vast experience in the hunter/jumper discipline, she explains how to achieve a harmonious partnership with your horse and realise his full potential - whether you are a weekend trail rider or serious competitor.

"Melanie has studied many years to bring this knowledge to you, and if you can approach it with the humility and passion she has, just imagine the possibilities!" Buck Brannaman

"Riding with Life offers valuable insights on both groundwork and jumping and is a great recipe for bridging a huge gap in the horse world." George Morris
Soft back book 328 pages.


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