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Rope Reins with Buckles Approved for Dressage

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These rope reins have buckle attachments and are approved for dressage competitions. The buckle rope reins are designed for a steadier, even feel. They fasten directly to the bit just like English reins do. Made from high quality Tuff Tack 12mm diameter yachting braid on braid rope that is smooth and resistant to sweat with English leather buckle attachments.

As standard they are available in 9ft / 10ft / 11ft lengths and in black or brown.

Bespoke lengths can be made, please email to order. We can also make them in different colours; however, only Black and Brown coloured rope are approved for Dressage competitions.

Bespoke reins cannot be returned or refunded.

Length: 9'
Colour: Black
Total Horsemanship Rope Buckle Reins for Dressage Black
Rope Buckle Reins for Dressage Brown

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