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Rope Halter

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Total Horsemanship prides itself on making and supplying the very highest quality horsemanship equipment for everyday use. Using the best quality ropes, Tuff Tack, Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of ropes for Equestrians, Skiers, Mariners and Arborists.

The rope we use is specifically designed for horsemanship use. These rope halters do not cause pressure and the knots do not affect the nerves on the nose. Used by top clinicians for every day use and groundwork. 

These natural rope halters are expertly hand-tied using 6mm polyester marine double braid rope, with knots balanced in strategic places. The loop to attach lines to hangs below the horse's jaw and acts as a hinge. The rope halters are made from high quality yachting rope that offers the ultimate in softness and strength making them an ideal halter for natural horsemanship training. It is thin enough to discourage the horse from leaning on it, yet soft enough to feel comfortable when yielding from their own pressure.


Measure the nose circumference in the same place a cavesson noseband would sit. As a general rule the halters fit as follows:

YEARLING: Small ponies, Yearlings, Shetlands  21” noseband circumference.

ARAB: Petite Egyptian Arabs with a tea-cup nose, Quarter Horses, Yearlings, some ponies. Generally horses 13 hh  - 14.2 hh/24" noseband circumference.

HORSE/STANDARD: Cobs, also ideal for native breeds. Generally horses 14 hh - 16 hh/27" noseband circumference.

WARMBLOOD: Full size 16.1 hh - 17.1 hh/30" noseband circumference.

DRAFT: For heavy horses 17.1 hh+/31.5" noseband circumference. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are unsure of the sizing.

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