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Tom Dorrance - Exposure to New Ideas DVD

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In this latest DVD offering of vintage footage, Tom directs Bryan Neubert in the starting of two young horses at one of his clinics. Tom offers suggestions for Bryan and comments on what he sees is taking place. He mentions several times that the learning that will take place for people will be when they go home and spend time with their own horses; the clinic is an opportunity to be exposed to some new ideas.

We hope that this footage will offer you some exposure to new ideas and that you can incorporate into your approach to horses a part of Tom's unique ability to see what was taking place within horses and people together with some of his patience and humour.
Next Harry Whitney rides a horse through obstacles: tyres on the ground and a bridge. This will expose you to a way to approach obstacles and an idea of the learning that can take place when approaching something new. The DVD closes with a conversation between Tom and Harry about “approaches". Listen and think about the situations they are visiting about. You will find some great gems in their exchanges.

Enjoy this opportunity to spend some time with Tom. We are sure this exposure of his way of teaching and helping people and horses will give you some good ideas to blend into your life.

Important Viewer Note: There are moments of sound and video that are less than perfect. For true students of horsemanship those moments can hardly distract from the learning taking place with the horses and students. Please enjoy these teachable moments with Tom.
Duration 2 hours.


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