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Tom Dorrance - Greetings DVD

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Many world-renowned horsemen and clinicians look to Tom Dorrance as the man who 'started it all.' The man whose philosophy on horses and horsemanship revolutionised the way we look at this wonderful animal.

This DVD contains material that shows Tom expressing his views and philosophy on working with horses. A way which has borne incredible results on horses from all breeds and disciplines, whether you wear a riding hat or cowboy hat, ride a warmblood or quarter horse, this DVD is here to help you become more understanding and successful in your working partnership. "What I'm trying to help the rider experience is what you need before you ever get on your first horse. But if you ever get it, it comes later" Tom Dorrance.

Important Viewer Note: Because certain segments of this DVD were recorded under crowd conditions at actual clinics, the sound and picture quality are impaired in a few places for short periods of time. However, these sections have purposely been kept in this DVD because of the importance of the continuity and the content.
Duration 2 hours.


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