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Tom Dorrance - Visits with Tom DVD

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Tom Dorrance, an extraordinarily gifted horseman. His unique approach was founded on the belief that the human needs to think more and do less - to feel what the horse is feeling and operate from where the horse is.

This is the DVD that not only shows Tom’s knowledge, but his personality and his humour. Tom would always try to encourage people to not just ride mechanically but as he would express it, 'feel the whole horse’. 'I think this new DVD captures this important element of his work and is a wonderful example of feeling the whole horse'. Margaret Dorrance.

Disc 1 shows Tom teaching how to develop a better understanding of his three major principles of horsemanship, Feel Timing and Balance. With his direction and support, it is easy to see how the horse and rider begin to make positive changes.
There is a huge amount of information given from Tom as he explains different ways of approaching the horse to get the job done. Although we show the rider working on specifics, straightness, starting or stopping with good engagement, and much more; the important element to appreciate is what Tom says and how he teaches the rider to help direct and support the horse. Because this is the key to so much more.

Disc 2 starts with a little biography of Tom as he talks about his earlier days and his family. This transitions well into an in-depth discussion of his bestselling book 'True Unity', where Tom, for the first time on film, expands on some of the deeper and finer points he makes within the book. Throughout there are wonderful examples of Tom's sense of humour as well as his remarkable wisdom. Tom Dorrance found worldwide acclaim as a unique horseman in his lifetime. He showed riders of all disciplines what was possible if the human worked a little harder at understanding the horse.

Important Viewer Note: There are a few places where the audio track may vary in volume.
Set of 2 DVD’s. Duration 2 hr 15 minutes.


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