Buck Brannaman Braided Parachute Cord Mecate Reins


The Buck Brannaman mecate reins are the finest braided parachute cord mecate reins available.

Made from 12 strand military style parachute cord braided over a nylon core, the 9/16” square rope fits well in your hand and can be held comfortably. It comes with a gaucho knot on one end and a leather popper on the other end.

The mecate comes in 22’ length for use with the snaffle bit and slobber straps (rein leathers).

NOTE: the slobber straps (rein leathers) are NOT included, however can be purchased separately.

Cleaning: use warm, not hot water, and let the reins soak overnight or longer if need be and rinse. This should get all the sweat and dirt out. You can use mild soap but make sure you really rinse it well to remove all the soap.

Additional information

Weight 0.85 kg

Black, Black & Grey, Black & Tan, Brown/Black/Tan, Green/Brown/Tan, Tan & Black, Tan & Burgundy